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Looking for mobile NAD IV therapy, Seattle? Experience the transformative power of NAD IV Therapy in Seattle, a cutting-edge solution designed to energize, restore, and evolve your wellness journey. NAD+ therapy is rapidly gaining recognition for its remarkable benefits in brain health, anti-aging, and performance enhancement, among numerous other applications. Whether you’re exploring treatments for recent or chronic conditions, or aiming to achieve peak wellness and live life to its fullest potential, Seattle NAD IV Therapy offers a versatile and promising path to your wellness goals. Embrace the wave of benefits that NAD+ therapy brings as your potential solution to a healthier, rejuvenated self. Look no further Seattle, we are your most affordable NAD IV therapy provider. 

What are the benefits of Seattle NAD Therapy?

  • Increases the body’s NAD levels
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Speeds recovery from injury
  • Decreases pain
  • Memory support
  • Post-Operation recovery
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Performance and fitness recovery

The benefits are vast. If you are considering NAD IV Therapy, read about 6 Must Know Insights to find the best NAD IV therapy near me. 

NAD Injection Cost in Seattle: 

$250 FOR 250MG

$400 FOR 500MG

NAD IV Infusion Cost in Seattle: 

Discounts available on multiple treatments for 500mg and up. 

$100 PER 100MG UP TO 750MG

Minimum dosage of NAD 250mg or more unless added into other IV therapy. 

*Suggested dosage for your first NAD therapy is 250mg. 

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    Call or contact us online to request an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help schedule the best IV therapy for your specific needs.


    Call or contact us online to request an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help schedule the best IV therapy for your specific needs.


    Call or contact us online to request an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help schedule the best IV therapy for your specific needs.

    What Seattle IV NAD Therapy Patients Say

    NAD Infusion Therapy Breakdown

    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a crucial coenzyme present in all your body’s cells, playing a key role in essential functions. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels naturally decrease with age, leading to less efficient conversion of nutrients into energy and diminished regulation of vital cellular activities. At Intravene, we provide NAD+ IV infusions, a practical and cost-effective method to replenish your body with this essential coenzyme.

    NAD IV therapy is a promising treatment for addressing a variety of health concerns, including: 

    • Reducing the effects of aging 
    • Boosting memory and mental clarity 
    • Increasing physical energy

    It delivers a dose of the NAD coenzyme directly to your bloodstream, where it can be utilized most efficiently by your body—helping us address your health at the cellular level. 


    Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a vital molecule found in every cell of the body, playing a critical role in sustaining life. It is indispensable for a multitude of processes that our bodily systems require to function harmoniously and efficiently throughout our lives. NAD is key to the health of neurons and brain cells, supporting cognitive function, aiding in reducing inflammation to facilitate healing from injuries or disease, enhancing the appearance of youthfulness through better circulation, and potentially contributing to increased longevity.

    NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It’s involved in over 500 biochemical reactions in the body, including those that: 

    • Convert food into energy 
    • Repair DNA 
    • Make and repair muscles 
    • Regulate sleep cycles 

    NAD also plays an important role in cell signaling, which is how cells communicate with each other. This is important for many functions, including: 

    • Inflammation 
    • Immunity 
    • Metabolism
    • Cell death 
    • Brain Function

    NAD levels decline as we age. This may be one reason why we see a decrease in these important functions as we age.

    At Intravene, we consistently collaborate with our patients’ current healthcare providers, including physicians, athletic trainers, psychiatrists, therapists, and nutritionists, to develop a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan for you. By offering customized solutions designed to alleviate various symptoms, we are committed to discovering the most effective way to support your overall well-being and help you flourish.

    To learn more about Intravene’s NAD IV therapy, call our team or contact us online today. 

    Benefits of NAD IV therapy can include:

    NAD plays a dual role in supporting cellular function: it partners with proteins to create active enzymes that your body utilizes for digesting food and revitalizing cells, and it aids in producing niacin (vitamin B3), which energizes cells and ensures their proper operation. Therefore, if you’re aiming to address either physical or mental health issues, our NAD infusions are designed to enhance your well-being from the inside out, helping you achieve your optimal state.


    By helping regenerate brain cells and neurotransmitters while protecting the brain from toxins and inflammation, NAD can be a huge player in supporting cognitive function, mental clarity, focus, and concentration. 


    NAD+ plays a unique role in protecting against the factors that cause aging, including chemical stress, inflammation, DNA damage, and failing mitochondria. Protecting our bodies from these factors can contribute to longevity. 


    This unique coenzyme reduces inflammation and promotes antioxidant activity while supporting cell regeneration for reduced pain symptoms.


    By increasing energy levels, improving mental performance, and reducing stress, our NAD IV therapy can assist in promoting an overall sense of well-being, so you can put your best foot forward.


    Since NAD+ promotes the brain’s healing, it can also reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. When combined with a comprehensive rehabilitation program, NAD IV therapy can reduce substance dependency.


    Intravene is proud to deliver this innovative IV infusion straight to your door. Our concierge mobile service allows you to reap all of the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy from the comfort and privacy of your own home, hotel, or office. All of our treatments are administered by experienced Critical Care nurses, who make your safety, comfort, and satisfaction our top priorities. 


    The duration of NAD therapy ranges from 1 to 2 hours, based on the dosage and how well the IV infusion is tolerated. Typically, the benefits of the infusion begin to manifest within 24 hours, with the peak bioavailability of NAD occurring over the following 14 to 21 days.


    NAD is a naturally occurring coenzyme that has been extensively researched and found to be critical in many cellular functions. Some people report feelings of mild aches, chills, and slight muscle cramping that occurs during the infusion but stops immediately once the infusion is over. These symptoms can also be managed by the rate of infusion.

    Intravene Mobile IV Therapy has provided this IV infusion service for many years, with many of our critical care providers and nurses regularly receiving NAD infusions to benefit from the enhanced energy and mental clarity it offers. We are the authority on this type of infusion and are ready to address any questions or concerns you might have before our arrival. Upon scheduling an appointment, an experienced nurse from our team will reach out to you within an hour to go over your medical history and respond to any inquiries you have.

    To learn more about our NAD therapy, or to schedule a same-day appointment, call us today at (855) 958-3785 or fill out our quick and easy online form

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