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Experience mobile IV therapy Lakewood! What does that mean? We are a group of medical professionals who live, work, and have families in the Lakewood area. We are passionate about the people we help and the area we work in.

Intravene is made up of Critical Care Nurses who have full time positions and show up at your mobile location when you need us to! We love what we do and we look forward to helping you explore the Lakewood area!

 What is Mobile IV Hydration Therapy? 

Mobile IV Hydration Therapy, is an advanced and convenient medical service, delivering essential nutrients, vitamins, and medications directly into your bloodstream, right at your location.

IV Hydration bypasses traditional nutrient absorption through the digestive system, ensuring 100% bioavailability for immediate and optimal health benefits.

Our Mobile IV Hydration is specifically designed to meet a range of wellness objectives, from increasing energy to improving immune function. Administered by our top-tier Critical Care Nurses, we provide a safe, comfortable, and rejuvenating experience, wherever you are.

How Much Does Mobile IV Hydration Cost in Lakewood? 

The cost of Mobile IV Hydration in Lakewood varies based on your specific treatment requirements. Our services start at $169, extending up to $600 for more comprehensive treatments. Our experienced Critical Care nurses are skilled in tailoring supplements to address your specific symptoms, ensuring a personalized hydration experience. Detailed pricing for each

Mobile IV Hydration option is available on our website, ensuring transparency and informed choices for our clients.

How Long Does IV Hydration Therapy Last? 

The benefits of IV Hydration Therapy are long-lasting and impactful. Generally, clients feel revitalized for several days to a week following their treatment, though individual experiences may vary depending on personal health and lifestyle factors. We ensure each Mobile IV Hydration session is tailored with the most effective blend of vitamins and nutrients, aimed at extending the duration and quality of the wellness effects.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take? 

How long does IV therapy take? A session of Mobile IV Hydration with Intravene Wellness Therapies typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to provide a swift, comfortable, and effective service that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule. For treatments like our NAD therapy, which require a longer duration due to their intensive nature, we ensure every minute is spent enhancing your wellbeing, all in the comfort of your chosen location.


Lakewood: (720) 743-3842


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