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Experience mobile IV therapy, Englewood, CO!  What does that mean? We are a group of Critical Care Nurses – the best in the industry – who live, work, and have families in the Englewood area. Our Englewood mobile IV therapy nurses are passionate about the people we help and the area we work in.

What is Englewood Mobile IV Hydration?

Englewood Mobile IV Hydration, a premier service offered by Intravene Wellness Therapies, is an advanced medical procedure that brings the benefits of direct nutrient, vitamin, and medication infusion right to your doorstep. This method ensures complete bioavailability, bypassing the digestive system for immediate and powerful health impacts. What does complete bioavailability mean? It means, during IV therapy all of the vitamins and supplements in your IV hydration bag are directly available to your body to use which results in nearly 100% absorption. 

Englewood IV hydration is tailored to address specific wellness objectives such as boosting energy or fortifying the immune system, our Mobile IV Hydration is conducted by expert Critical Care Nurses. This ensures a secure, soothing, and revitalizing experience for you, in the comfort of your own space.

How Much Does Mobile IV Hydration Cost in Englewood, CO? 

The cost of Mobile IV Hydration in Englewood, CO varies depending on the specific treatment and additives required. Starting at $169, our services can extend up to $600, offering a range of options to suit different health needs. Our experienced Critical Care nurses enhance the IV hydration experience with supplements based on your individual symptoms. Detailed pricing for each Mobile IV Hydration option is readily available on the corresponding pages of our website.

How Long Does Mobile IV Hydration Take? 

A session of Mobile IV Hydration at Intravene Wellness Therapies typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the selected treatment protocol. Our Englewood mobile IV therapy nurse is committed to delivering a seamless and comfortable experience, enabling you to relax and rejuvenate efficiently, without interrupting your daily activities. Certain treatments like our NAD therapy may take longer, reflecting their extensive benefits and higher value.

How Often Can You get Mobile IV Hydration Therapy? 

At Intravene Wellness Therapies, the frequency of Mobile IV Hydration sessions is customized to support your ongoing health and vitality. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, our Englewood mobile IV therapy nurses work with you to determine the ideal schedule based on your unique health goals and needs. Regular Mobile IV Hydration can be a key factor in maintaining your best health and energy levels.

How Long Does Mobile IV Hydration Therapy Last? 

The lasting effects of Englewood Mobile IV Hydration at Intravene Wellness Therapies are a clear indication of its effectiveness. Generally, clients feel rejuvenated for several days to a week post-treatment, although individual experiences may vary based on health status and lifestyle. Our approach is designed to ensure each client receives a bespoke combination of vitamins and nutrients, prolonging and maximizing the benefits of each hydration session.


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