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We Serve Centennial. What does that mean? We are a group of medical professionals who live, work, and have families in the Centennial area. We are passionate about the people we help and the area we work in.

Centennial is a great central starting ground to explore the front range.

If you’re in town looking for some great hikes, check out St. Mary’s Glacier, Eldorado Canyon, North Table, and Washington Park! We are here to help you reach your peak and Centennial Colorado is the place to do that.

IV Therapy – What is it? 

IV Therapy represents the forefront of modern medical treatments, focusing on directly infusing your bloodstream with a rich blend of nutrients, vitamins, and medications. This method surpasses the conventional absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract, offering a full 100% bioavailability for swift and impactful results.

Our approach is tailored, aiming to meet specific health goals, whether it’s elevating energy levels or boosting your immune system. Administered by our top-tier Critical Care Nurses, we ensure that your IV Therapy experience is not only effective but also safe, serene, and revitalizing.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take? 

The duration of an IV Therapy session at Intravene Wellness Therapies varies, typically lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, based on the chosen treatment protocol. We strive to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate before seamlessly returning to your daily routine. Our NAD therapy, known for its profound benefits, may take longer, ranging from an hour to several hours, reflecting its higher value and effectiveness.

What Does Mobile IV Hydration Cost? 

The cost of mobile IV hydration at Intravene Wellness Therapies is tailored to your specific treatment needs. Our mobile IV services begin at $169, with the potential to range up to $600, depending on the complexity and additives required. Our Critical Care nurses are adept at customizing supplements to address your unique symptoms.

For precise pricing, each IV therapy option is listed with its cost directly on the respective page of our website.

How Long Does the Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy Last? 

The enduring impact of IV Vitamin Therapy at Intravene Wellness Therapies highlights its effectiveness. Typically, clients enjoy the positive effects for a few days to a week following a session, though this can vary based on personal health conditions and lifestyle choices. We focus on providing a customized blend of vitamins and nutrients for each client, ensuring prolonged and maximized benefits from each therapy session.


Centennial: (720) 743-3842


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