Lakewood IV Hydration

We Serve Lakewood. What does that mean? We are a group of medical professionals who live, work, and have families in the Lakewood area. We are passionate about the people we help and the area we work in.

If you’re visiting we want to help you acclimate and avoid altitude sickness and GET INTO THE MOUNTAINS! We have a great night life and plenty of breweries. 

If you’re in town looking for some great hikes, check out St. Mary’s Glacier, Eldorado Canyon, North Table, and Washington Park! We are here to help you reach your peak and Lakewood Colorado is the place to do that.

Intravene is made up of Specialized Registered Nurses who have full time positions and show up at your mobile location when you need us to! We love what we do and we look forward to helping you explore the Lakewood area!

Address: 950 Simms St, Lakewood, CO 80401

Phone: (303) 349-8814

Lakewood: https://www.lakewood.org/Home


Learn How To Reach Your Peak @Intravenewellnesstherapies