IntraVene wellness therapies was  placed together by medical professionals looking to help patients overall health. Our goal is to help our patients thrive and be healthy. We provide the flexibility of providing in-home treatment at the patient’s home, office, or wherever they may be. In turn, assisting the influx in emergency rooms and urgent care visits by providing IV hydration and medication therapies.  Our company is specialized in providing the concierge service you deserve.   


     Amongst  our co-founders, we have over 30 years of medical experience. Each time you set up an appointment, you will have an experienced specialized Emergency or Critical trained Registered Nurse to provide treatment. They will perform an assessment and choose the best treatment for your current needs.  We also offer the flexibility of choosing your own treatment options based on the therapies listed. With the high level of standards for our company, we provide the best medical grade products available, our highly trained nurses will help mitigate cross contamination and provide the best medical treatment wherever you are.

Every treatment is overseen by an experienced Nurse Practitioner and administered by a Registered Nurse (RN)

Ms. Daniela Fawcett is a skilled nurse practitioner associated with Thrive wellness. She has been in the medical field for 19 years doing everything from Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, Home Health, Cardiac Rehab, Emergency Department and Intensive Care. 

Born and raised in Fort Lupton, Colorado, Daniela is passionate about medicine and evidence-based practices. Interested in home IV therapy because holistic and medical levels are both a missed aspect in an inpatient, urgent care and clinic settings. Being able to perform medical and holistic care in the patient’s own environment prevents associated inpatient communicable disease and creates restored care.

Ms. Fawcett believes in keeping herself updated on the latest technological advancements and treat every individual with personalized attention. She strives to make their visit as comfortable and effective as possible.

When not working, Daniela can be found hiking, gardening, traveling and snowboarding.

I enjoy getting to know my patients on a personal level so I can help them in every aspect of their lives, since everything is tied to one’s overall health.

Joseph Bianco is a Critical care trained Registered Nurse and Paramedic and has been in the medical field since 2004. He has diverse training in both medical aspects in-hospital and field settings. Joseph is also a course director for Advanced Cardiac Life Support through the American Heart Association and is a field instructor that trains other medical professionals. 

“After years of treating patients in an emergency and critical care setting, I started this company after I became passionate and conscientious of what requirements the body needs for preventative care. My goal is to help avert my patients from having to go to the emergency room or other medical services, I want to provide concierge medical treatment in the comfort of their home or office. I enjoy keeping up to date on the latest treatments and making sure we are doing the utmost for our patients”.


In his free time he enjoys playing with his three dogs, weight-lifting and playing hockey.