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Slow Down Aging & Achieve Greater Longevity with NAD IV Infusion Therapy

Many factors contribute to the aging process. With age, we tend to experience more metabolic disorders and deterioration of our physiological function.

There is compelling evidence that NAD+ plays a significant role in reducing the effects of aging. It regulates various biological functions and helps the body better cope with stress. However, NAD+ levels decline with age, which can lead to changes in metabolism and increased susceptibility to diseases.

How NAD IV Therapy Promotes Anti-Aging

NAD IV therapy is a promising treatment for reducing the effects of aging. NAD+ is a coenzyme that plays an essential role in metabolism. This therapy involves infusing NAD+ into the body to replenish levels and promote anti-aging.

NAD+ plays a unique role in protecting against the factors that cause aging, including chemical stress, inflammation, DNA damage, and failing mitochondria. It not only helps with DNA repair but also provides cellular benefits often associated with measures like caloric restriction and exercise–all while contributing to longevity.

The longevity benefits of NAD arise from eight different but interrelated functions. NAD+ is a:

  1. Precursor to energy production
  2. Facilitator of mitochondria function
  3. Component of metabolism
  4. Redox agent
  5. Buffer against oxidative stress
  6. Substrate for sirtuins (proteins that regulate many cellular processes)
  7. A modulator of gene expression
  8. Supporter of detoxification pathways

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