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NAD Infusion Therapy Benefits

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Boost Cognitive Function

Keep your brain in top condition by experiencing NAD IV therapy.

NAD boosts your memory and cognition, and improves mental clarity by improving neurological function at the cellular level. [1]

Weight Management

Weight management made easy. NAD boosts your metabolism, increases healthy muscle tone, improves energy levels, and elevates  your athletic performance at the cellular level.

Improve Mood

NAD is a powerful naturally occuring coenzyme found in the body that helps cells breakdown and use energy.

The scientific research is increasing please see our references below! However, it’s simple, the more energy you have the better mood you’re in!

Reduce Pain

Our patients describe it as feeling “superhuman” after their NAD treatments.

The reason they feel superhuman is because NAD reduces inflamation at the cellular level which reduces pain and improves mobility. 

Manage Aging

Manage aging by repairing and preventing damage at the DNA level. Overtime DNA will become damaged which results in fatigue, decreased athletic performance, and age related ailments. [3]

Improve Skin

Improving your skin cells at the DNA level improves your skins appearance and helps with aging or skin damage. [2]

Boost Energy

Boost your energy fast! NAD provides your cells with the tools they need to support healthy energy levels and improve your endurance.

Maintain Muscle Health

Maintain and improve your muscle health with your first treatment.

NAD treatments help your cells reduce inflammation and perform their best and by reducing inflammation it allows your cells to regenerate quickly and properly. [4]

Addiction Management

IntraVene is here to help by reducing withdrawal symptoms. 

NAD is an alternative to medication for individuals undergoing addiction and recovery treatment. Essentially, it replaces essential vitamins and nutrients that are typically depleted within individuals who are in recovery. 

NAD IV Therapy Explained

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Denver, CO’s Preferred NAD IV Provider

How did we become Denver’s Preferred NAD IV Provider? If you have specific needs we can accomidate them!

How so? We tailer our IV treatments based to your symptoms! Our nurses will consult with you and add vitamins to provide a better IV treatment than an out of the box IV bag.

Safety is our priority! We retain a physician to review IV’s prior to your treatment if required.

Denver’s altitude presents a unique challenge to visitors, nevertheless we have the perfect cocktails to help mitigate altitude sickness.

If you’re venturing into the mountains consider experiencing mobile IV therapy before you go! IntraVene is the preferred provider to Colorado mountaineers battling with altitude sickness because we provide IV treatments specifically to prevent altitude sickness.

IntraVene allows you to get the most out of Denver, Colorado and your body! Give mobile iv therapy a try!

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Phenomenal service. Intervene was able to do a rapid covid test which fortunately was negative. That coupled with an IV packed with vitamins minerals makes this a very good day!!! This was so easy and convenient….amazing service!!! Highly recommended Joe and his team:)

Kim Marinoff

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is not really because we use prenatal needles. Prenatal needles are the thinnest needles available, therefore you’ll barely feel anything. Additionally, our nurses are all emergency or ICU RN’s. This means they know what they are doing.

Take a seat! We bring all the equipment we need. You simply sit where you’re comfortable and we will do the rest!

Our nurse will check your vitals and ask you screening questions to help ensure IV treatment is right for you.  After that initial check it’s just sit back and relax!

We can complete treatments in as little as 30 minutes. On average, it takes about 45 minutes for a treatment however time is treatment dependent. For example,  Our NAD therapy will take around two hours. 

Yes. Very. IntraVene goes the extra step and employs a physician who reviews treatments prior to us arriving. Additionally, we only use ER and ICU RN’s to administer treatments.


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