Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment | Denver Only

Mobile Monoclonal Infusion - Denver Area Only

Clinical trails show monoclonal antibody treatment reduces COVID related hospitalization or deaths in high risk patients by about 70%. 

Have a Nurse Practitioner come to your house and administer a Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment. 

How To Schedule An Appointment

1) Call/Complete Appointment Form

2) Nurse Practitioner will call & screen for eligibility

3) We will come to you

4) Infusion will take around 2 hours

Payment For Treatment

Cash/Card: You MUST pay cash/card upfront

Insurance: Pay cash/card upfront, we will provide you a reimbursable ICD-10 coded receipt to submit to your insurance company. This treatment is accepted by most insurances. 

We will be happy to discuss this process