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Rapid Mobile Covid Testing

Rapid Test | Results In 15 Minutes

Do not leave your home to receive a Rapid COVID-19 test. 

Have a Specialized Registered Nurse come to your dwelling and perform a Rapid Covid-19 Test and obtain results in 15 minutes. 

There are a lot of options out there for COVID testing however none are as convenient as this. On top of it you have the option to use our BOOST product to boost your immune system while you’re there. 

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Our Rapid COVID-19 Testing:

Results in 15 minutes

We come to you

Administered by Registered Nurses

No Registration Required

With the purchase of a COVID test receive a discounted Immune Boosting IV

Are you ready to boost your immune system to the next level? With the threat of the Coronavirus, take the extra precaution today and boost your immune system! Even the common cold and flu are brief distractions which keep us for being at our best for our families and in our profession. Our therapies can shorten the life-span of these common illnesses, or if you catch it early enough, give your body the extra boost it needs to combat the symptoms before you completely go down for the count.

How Rapid Antigen COVID Testing Works


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